Ever since iPhones could be jailbroken, there are a lot of people that have started taking advantage of this so that they can get a lot more out of their iPhone than just what Apple gives them. Many thought that all this would change with the latest Apple operating system, the iOS 7 but unfortunately they were extremely disappointed. Yes, the iOS 7 is a significant improvement over all previous Apple OS's, but it still lacks some of the key features which make jailbreaking so popular. So now that you need a jailbreak for the new iOS 7, what do you do? It's simple really. Get jailbreak software and go for it.


Even though the iPhone 5S users still have to wait for an iOS 7 jailbreak, iPhone 5 users can already take advantage of the latest operating system of Apple by jailbreaking their iPhone 5 right after updating it to iOS 7. But before I get into the details, let me explain what exactly jailbreaking is.


When you jailbreak your iPhone, you get access to a whole range of options which you would otherwise have to be without. Prior to jailbreaking your iPhone, you only get access to apps which are available in Apple's App store. These are apps which have been approved for use by Apple. But there are a lot of other apps which aren't approved by Apple for some reason or the other even though they are quite excellent. When you have a jailbroken iPhone, you get access to all of these apps while still being able to use an iPhone. A few of the reasons these apps are approved by Apple is because they make your software do things which Apple wouldn't want you to do like recording phone calls or increasing the number of icons on your homepage. Jailbreaking your iPhone allows you to download new ringtones, themes, pictures, screen savers, etc. You can even make your Apple iPhone look like an Android device. That is impressive isn't it?


Now there are quite a few jailbreak software’s available in the market today and all of them are just as effective and easy to use. Even if you're not too familiar with software and code, you don't need to worry as you will not have to do anything. The software will do all the hard work. The most important thing for you to remember though is to follow instructions to the letter and never try to do anything on your own. If you make a mistake, there is a chance that your iPhone may get bricked and then you will have no option but to give it in to Apple to get it repaired.


Find a good jailbreaking software with a solid reputation and decent online support. This way, you can ensure you will be able to jailbreak your iOS 7 iPhone and enjoy all the features that regular iOS 7 users can't. So what are you waiting for? Jailbreak your iPhone today.